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Statistical Commands by Topic

Basically, the abbreviation for a term Stata is Statistics and information. Note that the product you are installing is Stata/SE. To exit Stata you use the exit command (or select File.Exit in the menu, or press Alt-F4, as in most Windows programs).

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The number of observations is limited by your computer’s memory, as long as it doesn’t exceed about two billion in Stata/SE and about a trillion in Stata/MP. You can also save the dataset by typing save filename. The installer will then ask you where you want to set the default working directory. Central Time will be delivered no later than the next day.

Services & Support

The event crew has launched model 15.0 with the next announcement. Because we are looping over variables in the dataset we could have achieved the same purpose using foreach with a varlist; here we save the checking. This also makes it easier to change the representation of age; if you later decide to use linear and quadratic terms instead of the six dummies all you do is define local age “age agesq” and rerun your models.

4.3.6 Creating New Variables

If you don’t know the name of the command you need, you can search for it. You can see in (often painful) detail all the steps Stata goes through, including all macro substitutions. The line gen `z’ = (`varlist’ – `mean’)/`stdev’ probably looks a bit strange at first. The tutorial has been updated for version 15, but most of the discussion applies to versions 8 and later.

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Code that looks obvious to you may not be so obvious to a co-worker, or even to you a few months later. In a do file you can also use two other types of comments: // and /* */. // Is used to indicate that everything that follows to the end of the line is a comment and should be ignored by Stata. Other resources were listed in Section 1 of this tutorial. Stata has always emphasized a command-line interface, which facilitates replicable analyses.

User interface [ edit]

It also has a system to disseminate user-written programs that lets it grow continuously. 1024 x 768 display stata 14 .Rar says the lisence file expired. Stata reads and saves data from the working directory, usually C:DATA, unless you specify otherwise. There is a Stata forum where you can post questions and receive prompt and knowledgeable answers from other users, quite often from the indefatigable and extremely knowledgeable Nicholas Cox, who deserves special recognition for his service to the user community. Shift-Arrows select a character at a time and Shift-Ctrl-Arrows select a word at a time, which you can then delete or replace.