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20:24) or unwrought stone (20:25) on which sacrifices were offered. In fencing, to seize the sword-arm of an antagonist, by turning the left arm around it, after closing the parade, shell to shell, in order to disarm him. While serving as a Chaplin in the United States Army. The “mountains” mentioned were probably the Kurdish range” “of … Read more about Arba…Arbathite “A name given to Abi-albon, or, as elsewhere called, Abiel, one” “of David’s warriors (2 Sam.

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Acts of the Apostles The title now given to the fifth and last of the historical “books of the New Testament. Read more about Agate…Age “Used to denote the period of a man’s life (Gen. Alarm A particular quivering sound of the silver trumpets to give warning to the Hebrews on their journey through the wilderness “(Num.

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Read more about Ahinoam…Ahio Brotherly. (1.) One of the sons of Beriah (1 Chr. The use of weights and measurements was common in ancient times, just like it is today.

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While Joab was engaged in the census, David’s heart smote him, and he became deeply conscious of his fault; and in profound humiliation he confessed, “I have sinned greatly in what I have done.” The prophet Gad was sent to him to put before him three dreadful alternatives (; for “seven years” in this verse, the LXX. Read more about Abialbon…Abiasaph “Father of gathering; the gatherer, the youngest of the three” “sons of Korah the Levite, head of a family of Korhites (Ex.” 6:24); called Ebisaph (1 Chr. Read more about Ablution…Abner “Father of light; i.E., “Enlightening”, the son of Ner and uncle” of Saul. Ashtoreth “The moon goddess of the Phoenicians, representing the passive” “principle in nature, their principal female deity; frequently” “associated with the name of Baal, the sun-god, their chief male” deity …

King James Bible definition

8:31; 9:37). “(3.) One of the sons of Abinadab the Levite. Ahoah “Brotherly, one of the sons of Bela, the son of Benjamin (1 Chr.” 8:4).

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To count; to reckon; to ascertain the units of any sum, collection or multitude. The expression “the book of the wars of the Lord,” occurring in , has given rise to much discussion. Ahinadab “Brother of liberality = liberal, one of the twelve commissariat” officers appointed by Solomon in so many districts of his kingdom to raise supplies by monthly rotation for his household. “He was ap …

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King James Dictionary 2.20 keygen or key generator might contain a trojan horse opening a backdoor on your computer. Read more about Assos…Assurance “The resurrection of Jesus (Acts 17:31) is the “assurance” (Gr.” “Pistis, generally rendered “faith”) or pledge God has given that” “his revelation is true and worthy of acceptance. Use it to understand a brief description of a large number of names mentioned in the Bible. This is the main reason why the King James Dictionary has been released.

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Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Abital “Father of dew; i.E., “Fresh”, David’s fifth wife (2 Sam. For convenience the application works in any web browser on your phone, tablet or desktop. Ashes The ashes of a red heifer burned entire (Num. Would you prayerfully consider a gift of support today?

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5:11, where in the Revised Version the” “word “reconciliation” is used. Aven “Nothingness; vanity. (1.) Hosea speaks of the “high places of” “Aven” (10:8), by which he means Bethel.